About NMEC

Norwegian Marine & Energy Complex (NMEC) consist of member companies that are working with expanding their industry through cooperation.

The member companies of NMEC has a high focus on innovation, have practical experience on developing projects and solving problems, are professional competent, efficienent and good at cooperation. The main objective of NMEC is to show what the memeber companies can deliver of services and products, facilitate cooperation in concrete development projects, and work on ensuring relevant and future-oriented competence in an active industrial cluster in growth.

The company was formally established in March 2017 by the local industrial companies at Rubbestadneset, LOS Elektro, LOS Marine, Westcon Olvondo, Olvondo Technology, TESS and Wärtsilä, as well as UNITECH Offshore. The cluster is funded through member companies and through money from Hordaland County Council, earmarked for the project “Conversion to optimal industrial interaction“.