TESS has developed a new generation of pipes, adapted to both current and future expectations relating to resource recovery, durability, UV resistance and HSE. The product is called ECOFEEDER, and is the first contact-proof feed hose that can be recycled to the same product.

During the development process, the aim was to find the optimal mix of PE100 and a pipe material. The result is that voltage runs right through the hose wall and to the sea/ground. TESS delivers 500-metre lengths as standard, but can deliver in custom lengths of up to 560 metres with no joints.

It was also a goal to increase lifetimes by 50 percent, compared to what the user was used to. Measurements taken during practical use show that the new TESS feed hose has a wear resistance that represents something quite new in the industry. After over a year of use, reference customers have expressed great enthusiasm for a lifetime they have never experienced before. The lifetime helps to rationalise the operation of plants, and has exceeded expectations by a huge margin.

Taking into account that the Norwegian industry buys one million metres of new feed hose each year, simple calculations show that CO² emissions from the production of first generation hoses can be reduced by 12-15 million kilograms. In other words, if ECOFEEDER took over the entire market, it would mean a significant saving for the environment.

If you wish to contribute to a cleaner environment, or just want more information about ECOFEEDER, contact your TESS dealer!