Machine centers

Westcon Olvondo’s machine shop has modern CNC machine centres for milling and turning. The company’s speciality is machining of heavy components, but it has strong expertise and the right equipment to handle all component sizes.

The machining centres are capable of handling components weighing up to 50 tonnes, and all have palette systems available. This makes Westcon Olvondo’s machining services flexible, with fast change-overs, giving customers the best lead times and priorities.

Westcon Olvondo has weld clad machines available and is consequently developing the required weld procedures for all required materials. The governing document in use is Statoil technical specification TR2382 and all quality procedures are designed to meet EN-ISO 3834-2. WPQR and WPS are according to EN-ISO 15614-7.


Westcon Olvondo’s machine shop is also equipped with: