Bømlo Fiskerihavn

Bømlo Fiskerihavn shall be a secure fishing port with modern infrastructure that facilitates new industrial area by the sea. The goal is that more of the work related to fishery can be executed close to the industry. The work on developing the harbour is ongoing. Investment in new quotas and larger ships has been made, and there is an ongoing project on expanding the salmon factory in addition to expation of the nearby shipyard. Work with new molo is ongoing, and will be in place 2024/25. Example of industry Bømlo Fiskerihavn wishes to attract or establish are:

  • Polystyrene box factory
  • Service station for fish nets
  • Competence centre for fishery
  • Seafood production / processing vidar
  • Disposal of waste from salmon farming
  • Subcontractors for the industry

Contact Bømlo Fiskerihavn AS for more information.