UNITECH Technology Center

In 2020 it is planned that UNITECH’s Technology Center is established at Rubbestadneset. The center is already included in Norsk Katapult, and will be part of the Sustainable Maritime Norwegian Catapult Center. The center will make technology from maritime industry available for other industries, and facilitate quicker industrial growth through efficient testing, simulation and visualisation of new technology and solutions.   

The Technology Center will have a clear environmental focus and be a meeting place for those who develops everything within environmental technology and renewable energy, especially in relation to the marine industries. It will also be a meeting place for testing and R&D within the sub-sea industry. The centre will consist of an office section and a large development hall where ideas can be developed and tested. By 2020, UNITECH will have 120 members at the centre with different research and technology skills.

At the UNITECH Technology Center at Rubbestadneset you will find a broad environment with competent, active, analytical and innovative players who want to make the world a greener place, while earning money and creating new jobs.