UNITECH Technology Center

In 2022 UNITECH’s Technology Center will be established at Rubbestadneset. The center will consist of offices and a large development hall, and be a meeting place for those developing new technology within subsea, renewable energy, offshore wind and other ocean industries. It will also be a natural place for science meeting industry. 

UNITECH will make test infrastructure available to companies nation wide from this center, and by doing this, facilitating for quicker industrial growth through efficient prototyping, testing, simulation and visualisation of new technologies and solutions.  

The Technology Center will also host vocational training for Bømlo vgs – a training center for ocean industries. UNITECH aims to be a supporting player in the work of providing relevant and future-oriented training to students in technical industrial production, electro, automation, maritime and aquaculture, and to increase the status and attractiveness of vocational education.