Utsira North, the beginning of a new, Norwegian export adventure

UNITECH sitt teknologisenter på Rubbestadneset vil vere ein møteplass for teknologi- og produktutvikling innan ulike marknader, deriblant offshore wind.
Les meir om satsinga til UNITECH på Offshore Wind, og få eit betre innblikk i kva UNITECH vil halde på med i åra som kjem.

UNITECH Offshore and partners have for several years prepared for the imminent large, domestic market of floating offshore wind turbines. Yesterday, the Norwegian Minister of Energy opened for two large fields, Utsira North and Nordsjøen South. We are very pleased to be able to realize our plans, which will lead to a new, Norwegian export adventure.

With Kvaerner, Equinor, Metcentre and many more, we have established Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster (NOWC) which works exclusively to establish complete supply chains for floating offshore wind, and open markets for this.

There is also a strong and positive cooperation with other important sea clusters in this process; GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Maritime Cleantech, Norwegian Marine & Energy Complex and last but not least the Catapults Sustainable Energy and Ocean Technology.

We have devoted considerable resources and time to this because we know that Norway, the industry, and other competence environments now have an unique opportunity to take the lead in what becomes an enormous global development.

UNITECH Offshore AS has invested significantly in several areas for this purpose. Through three years of work with leading cable experts, we have 11 patents in preparation and approval. Receiving positive feedback only, we hope that these designs will revolutionize the way electricity is transported from offshore wind turbines to shore.

In this project, several Norwegian companies participate in building areas of competence, as well as making products and solving real problems. Processed aluminum based on Norwegian hydropower is an important element.

UNITECH has taken over the Hywind Demo (now Zefyros) – the world’s first floating wind turbine – and facilitated for the next generation of floating pilots to be able to connect to it with new cable solutions. The first one already in less than one year.

UNITECH with partners have also invested heavily in Tømmervika at Stord, a perfect location for producing and assembling the wind turbines for Utsira Nord, almost right off the pier. Several large oil installations were born here, and now the start of a new generation of offshore energy producers.

Tømmervika is unique with great water depth and everything needed from infrastructure, suppliers and expertise in the immediate vicinity. The industry in the area can build floaters in steel and concrete, and we observe several shipping companies taking solid positions in the offshore wind market. There are several specialized companies that through NOWC can become part of the global supply chain. Sustainable Energy Catapult Center has a test infrastructure financed by SIVA, where the companies can develop and demonstrate solutions, Metcentre for full-scale piloting, and now a giant local market in the Utsira North field.

Education is also included, as Hordaland County Council has already decided to locate parts of the vocational school at Bømlo to UNITECHs Technology Center at Rubbestadneset. Here, the next generation of problem-solvers, professionals and engineers for the offshore wind segment will be trained.

Everything is set for hard work, success and celebrations! Us West Coast Norwegians are especially capable of all three!

We praise the oil and energy directorate for a pragmatic and forward-leaning attitude and look forward to a decision-making process hopefully in strong tailwind.

Gunnar Birkeland (CEO)
Bernt Hellesøe (Founder and Chairman)