Heat pump

Olvondo Technology has devloped a heat pump that reduces the CO² emission in the industry using waste heat. The heat pump is based on Stirling technology and can operate in temperatures from – 10 to + 200 degrees celsius.

Typical areas of use are:

  • Production of hot water and steam from waste heat or cooling plant
  • In the food industry: Cooling and cooking, pasteurization and cleaning
  • In process industry: Recycling of waste heat to process steam
  • In district heating networks: Retrieve heat from normal district heating networks or waste heat for the production of steam or high temperature heat for processing

The heat pump can otherwise replace oil, gas and electric boilers, and thus reduce greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. The gas that is used as a working fluid in the heat pump is helium, which is environmentally friendly and not toxic or combustible.

Check out the movie from Tine Meierier’s plant in Ålesund, where the heat pump is in use!