Zinus Port Power

Currently, it often takes a lot of work to get power on board a boat at the quayside by pulling a cable from a reel and into the boat. To make this better, easier and more aesthetic, LOS has developed Zinus Port Power for shore-based connection at the quayside. LOS has won a contract and are now installing the Zinus in the Bergen harbour pool, and orders are running in. 

Zinus Port Power increases the flexibility and efficiency of getting power on board a boat at the quayside. The cable is brought onto the boat from above and straight onto the deck, and from there it can be carried over to where it is to be plugged in. The Zinus Port Power cable is specially designed for this purpose and is 4kg lighter than cables pulled on board from a reel.

Zinus Port Power is up to 8.5m high and delivers shore power according to standard requirements (NEK IEC / PAS 80005-3) up to 1000 Volt and up to 1,400 amps. It can be placed in ports in a urban environment, and along industrial quays. It has a flexible telescopic arm, and to the rear of the mast there is built-in lighting for the quay area.

The product is also available as a portable facility.

For more information about Zinus Port Power, see the product sheet in the menu to the right.