Zinus Port Power

LOS Gruppen has introduced a new, revolutionary product line for a simple, time saving and elegant solution for shore power connection. The system is delivert to harbours in Bergen, Ålesund and Kristiansund, and more orders are in production.  

The motorised shore power connection solution Zinus Port Power has gotten a modern design that increaste the attractiveness in the harbours that takes it into use. There are two main types of Zinus so far: One that is up to 8,5 meters tall with a telescope arm, that in addition provieds elegant lightning on quay, and a short one that is easy to move around if the location of power need varies. Both delivers shore power according to standard requirements (NEK IEC/PAS 80005-3) up to 1 000 volt and up to 1 400 ampere, uses minimum space on quay, and are maintenance free. The materials used in the Zinus solution does not rust or flake, and are equipped with lubrication-free bearings that does not pollute. 

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